Who am I?

Hi there! I’m Francesca, an Italian girl living in London, UK. Here’s the thing: I get bored. I get bored so easily. Of hobbies, jobs, furniture, places, sometimes even people. I need to constantly challenge my mind, learn new skills and change the scenery around me. There’s only a few things I know I never get bored of, such as Harry Potter, photography and travelling. So this is what you’re gonna find in this blog, at least until I get bored of blogging too!

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Best brunch spots in Melbourne

Australia’s bushfires are, and should be, the main concern of everybody in the world wherever they are. One way of helping Australians battle this disastrous climate change right now is to go visit them, to make sure tourism still flows and they get the money they need to rescue the land, the animals and the … Continue reading Best brunch spots in Melbourne

Discover London


Moved to the English capital when I was 20, I am still amazed by everything London has to offer. Come visit it with me!

Travel Foodie

Are you as passionate as me about brunch? Then immerse yourself in the section of all things food, so that you’ll know exactly where to go and eat during your next adventure!

What I am doing while I’m not travelling